Saturday, July 30, 2011

Garden Day

We worked in the garden today and took some pictures.

Let's start with some broccoli, green beans, and round two of both peas and zucchini, shall we?

 Garden bed two has a lovely assortment of...



and peppers.

And here are some potatoes, onions/chives, and a lonely--but resilient--carrot.

This little guy keeps watch over the plants. You may know we bought him from Target's toy department, but the birds don't and they stay clear of his rubber wrath.

We've made do with our quarter acre, which has meant getting creative with space, like when we put corn by the driveway...

or enabled a stray pumpkin vine in its attempt to take over the front porch.

Here's some basil from the herb garden, just because I think basil's sexy.

And, finally, here's a shovelful of gorgeous compost.

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