Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have a deep sincere love for cast iron. 

During a recent camping trip a 10" skillet and I locked eyes and I just wasn't ready to stop cooking outside with it when we returned home. So this past week I have been making as many meals as possible on the grill.... with my lovely cast iron skillet. This is beautiful because it keeps the heat out of the house, it allows me to be outside with the kids when they are playing and it's time to cook dinner and most importantly I get to spend more time with my beloved cookware. Anything you have been making on the stove inside, can be made outside on the grill with a cast iron skillet. 

Also... it is STRAWBERRY season! My kids are in strawberry heaven right about now. Grandma has strawberries! We have strawberries! Monroe Orchard has lots and lots of strawberries! We picked a little over 10 pounds this morning.

I've already got them layered in some sugar in a huge stock pot ready for tomorrows preserve making/canning festivities. 


Hope your garden and kitchen are bringing you as much joy as ours is these days.

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